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It is not surprising that Xocai is getting a lot of attention. Doesn’t the term “healthy chocolate” pique your interest as well as your taste buds?

Fox59 News in Indianapolis recently did a story on Xocai healthy chocolate. In the clip, entitled ‘Xocai Healthy Chocolate Review‘, dietitian Jennifer Jones lists a few of the numerous health benefits of dark chocolate. Gerontologist Dr. Steve Warren explains why a bag of Hershey’s Kisses is far inferior to Xocai healthy chocolate.

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Are you looking forward to a ‘Decade of Decadence’ in South Africa? With Xocai, your upcoming decade could be decadent in two different ways: mouthwatering chocolate and an equally scrumptious income.

I have teamed up with Xocai for a ‘Decade of Decadence‘. Is your future as stable and certain as the demand for dark chocolate?

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Google ‘dark chocolate studies’ and you will find thousands of reports on the benefits of cocoa and dozens of dark chocolate studies.

Scientists at the Harvard University School of Public Health recently examined 136 studies on coco — the foundation for chocolate — and found it does seem to boost heart health, according to an article in the European journal Nutrition and Metabolism.
Chocolate can do good things for your heart, skin and brain
by Marjorie Ingall – Dec. 22, 2006

Two small studies published last week suggest that dark chocolate may offer such benefits as lower blood pressure and higher levels of disease-and age-defying chemicals called antioxidants.
Ain’t That Sweet! by Sora Song – Sept. 08, 2003

Not only does it taste good, studies show that it improves blood flow to your heart, lowers blood pressure, and other good stuff.”
Chocolate to Live For!
by Dean Ornish M.D. – Nov. 20, 2007

…dozens of scientists have examined how foods that contain cocoa affect high blood pressure, insulin production and other factors. The compounds in chocolate that peak scientists’ interests include anti-oxidant-containing flavanols.
Dark chocolate: A bittersweet pill to take by Mary Brophy Marcus – Dec. 18, 2006

Yes, there is mounting evidence that some of the chemicals called flavanols concentrated in cocoa products may help your heart. And the most recent research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, certainly adds support.”
Chocolate-in Moderation-May Lower Blood Pressure
by Katherine Hobson – Jul. 06, 2007

Dark chocolate may be healthier than milk chocolate, according to a team of scientists. Researchers in Scotland and Italy say dark chocolate has much better anti-oxidant properties.
Dark chocolate may be healthier by Jane Warr – Aug. 27, 2003

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